My Stance on People and Politics

So I have decided to take Go For Jo in a new direction, instead of the direction that I was originally going with, which was just talking about any type of news. At the same time, I do not want to lose what I enjoy talking about and what I hope you enjoy reading about. But in the midst of this transition I still want to be able to deliver content so that people don’t completely forget about me.  This piece that I’m writing is a personal column slash motivational speaking or advise type of thing, and it can be taken in any context that you might see fit. But do understand that it is a personal opinion and it is not an attack on anyone as an individual. Continue reading “My Stance on People and Politics”


What’s new with Go For Jo?

So guys, as you may know I have made some drastic changes to the website’s design. I know have Five specific topics for news information (not including the homepage). These topics consist of Health and Wellness, Oddities, Politics, Soccer, and Technology. With that being said, I cannot possibly report on them all every day while working and going to school, so I am accepting articles from you guys. I’m also looking for writers to head each topic.

Granted this is no small task and there is no income involved at the moment, the opportunity does exist. And even when there are no posts from me daily, I do have daily feeds for each topic, so the content is always current. Later on I do plan to add video blogging as a feature.

Untitled. So far.

I know I have been AWOL for over a month. I am trying to find a balance between School, Work, and what type of writing I actually want to do. I feel like journalism is what I want to do, because I love reporting. At the same time, I really want to become an author. I like creating my own stories as well. I think I will try to balance both, on top of all of the research papers, discussions, and essays required in in my Journalism major. This is something I started writing today that I really feel could become a great story. I will be posting this rough draft so far on here, but I will be maintaining a second page coming in Late October that will be exclusively for excerpts from books I want to write. I would like to start selling them on Amazon shortly. I tend to keep things short when I write stories, but I wouldn’t mind feedback on if you feel that this story could have more package to it.

Alright, here is the beginning of the story. Do not hesitate to express your opinions in a comment below. I would be more than happy to respond.

“I could go on to create some elaborate delusion about how my Father is the president of a finance company and my mother is an accomplished lawyer, but my family is too well known in this city. Instead, I’ll just tell you the truth before someone else does.

My father is an abusive drunk who we rarely see. If he isn’t out with one of the crack whores up and down the avenue, he’s out swindling some poor passerby for booze money. I don’t know why my mother stays with the bastard, but she won’t leave no matter how many ideas I come up with. I plan to change that very soon.

My mother was adopted by some old German family back when she was like 9 years old. She didn’t know her biological parents, and some days I envy that. Her dad died when she was 16, and her mom died when she turned 17. That’s when she met my dad.

From what I’ve heard, my dad was a great man in the beginning. He was in college for Business, had his own house and his own car. He met my mother when she was 19 and working at a Burger King and offered to treat her for dinner. Of course, like any 19 year old girl who has become an outcast, she falls in love with him out of what I assume is pure desperation. They get married and here I come out a year later.

A part of me believes I am the reason dad turned to drinking and prostitutes. My mom felt that she had to “give me the love her mother didn’t give her” or something like that. I completely engulfed my mom’s life, and the two rarely spent time together. It’s sad, honestly. By the time I was 4 years old I knew I hated him. That was time when I realized he treated mom badly.

13 years have passed, and the feelings remain the same. I can’t wait to get out of this house. I’m taking mom and my little sister with me.”

The coming of a Digital Dark Age: Vint Cerf sends warning of loss of all digital personals


Google vice-president and notable “father of the internet” Vint Cerf says he fears future generations will have little to no record of the 21st Century as we enter what he considers to be called a “digital Dark Age”. Could he be rational about something the fall of something so essential to our standard of living today? Every memory we have is capable of being saved and viewed later in the comfort of our own computers, drives, and emails, but with everything being saved through websites and clouds, what’s the use for having personal hardware and software anymore?

Vint Cerf made his remarks at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, California. He goes on to say that all of our most personal and important pieces of information, to include our family photographs and memories that we have stored via internet or hard drives, may be lost as time within the digital revolution continues to gain momentum.

“In our zeal to get excited about digitizing, we digitizing photographs thinking it going to make them last longer, and we might turn out to be wrong,” he said. “i would say if there are photos you are really concerned about, create a physical instance of them. Print them out.”

He also continues to express how many will believe that important documents will be copied into new media, when this is not always the case.

“Some people make the argument that the important stuff will be copied and put into new media and so why should we worry,” Cerf said. “But historians will tell you that sometimes transactions documents and images and so on may turn out to have importance which is not understood for hundreds of years. So failure to preserve them will cause us to lose our perspective.” With that type of logic, we should just drop digitizing altogether and go back to pen and paper, only to realize how time and moisture will cause the ink to run. Then in an effort to solve that dilemma, we go back to chiseling and stone tablets. See where I am going with this?

Need to not worry, there is talk of an idea referred to as the “Digital vacuum,” in every way where the file is created, stored and is opened along with the document itself. This is supposed to give Scientists and IT specialists of the future the ability to following the instructions given to reproduce the files.

No wine wasted by George Zimmerman; Charges dropped as no evidence is found

George Zimmerman as he is being taken to the police station on Jan. 9 after his aggravated assault arrest.
George Zimmerman as he is being taken to the police station on Jan. 9 after his aggravated assault arrest.

The infamous George Zimmerman, known for the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin will not be facing charges in his recent Florida assault case where a woman proclaims he threw a wine bottle at her and broker her cell phone. What is going on in the world?

Attorney Phil Archer said in a recent statement, “While it is clear that the officers had probable cause to arrest Mr. Zimmerman which was affirmed by the circuit court judge at initial appearances, the subsequent recantation by the victim and her attorney precludes my office from proceeding further.”

The arrest apparently happened four days after the two had a scuffle over a piece of art, and she threatened to break up with Mr. Zimmerman and leave him. Who would have known art could be the make or break in a healthy relationship with George Zimmerman? I understand everyone has a past, but this guy has a past, present, and possible future with the authorities. The woman later on goes on to describe Zimmerman to the police as a “psychopath” that she ever regretted hooking up with. My only question is does she not follow current events? Not only that, but authorities said that ever since the arrest, the victim has been very uncooperative. When she was scheduled to meet with the prosecutors’ office, she refused!

“The victim denied that Mr. Zimmerman threw a bottle at her and stated that she was never in fear of the Defendant. She also made it clear that she did not want to proceed with the case,” the prosecutor said in a statement. Either she is suffering from battered wife syndrome, or none of it happened. The prosecutor went on to say, “A lack of eyewitnesses or other corroborating evidence to dispute her version of the incident also contributed to the decision.”

Sierra Nevada Red Fox spotted after nearly 100 year hiatus

Sierra Nevada Red Fox
Sierra Nevada Red Fox

So this is pretty cool. From the National Park Service, the first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox after nearly 100 years has been made official. It sounds to me like the finding was by accident, and not as an intended discovery.

The finding happened while some of the Park’s wildlife biologist had gone on a five-day backcountry trip to the northern area of the park to check on previously installed motion-sensitive cameras and documented the sighting on two separate instances. This fox is considered one of the rarest mammals in North America, possibly of fewer than 50 members in its family.

The Park’s biology team expects to be able to locate more Sierra Nevada red foxes in hopes of obtaining hair samples for genetic analysis. Through this, biologist will be able to learn of any genetic connection to the fox of the Sonora Pass area.

That is the story, pretty much. If you want to re-read it from the perspective of the National Park Service, I have provided the link here.

The “Jesus Bandit” seems to be walking on water with the Hawaii Police

The Huffington Post reports In Kilauea, Hawaii, “Jesus Bandid” Richard Leibman was spotted near Secret Beach on Kauai’s north shore, but scurried up a cliff and escaped when the police arrived.

This 140-pound “miracle man” was arrested back in March of 2014, when residents of Princeville told the authorities he had broken into their homes and took personal property and food.

To honestly no surprise, Leibman’s trail was suspended when doctors deemed him unfit for trial on reasons of probably not being mentally all there. He was sent to Hawaii State Hospital, but later escaped undetected. Maximum security much?

This isn’t the first time “Jesus” has been able to pull the wool over police. In 2011 it is said he burgled a house in Kekaha, but fled when police tried to arrest him the next day. He was apprehended, but was released in July of 2013, agreeing to continue mental health treatment in Texas near his family. When he was taken to the Lihue airport, he fled and hid around Kauai’s north shore. Again.

Since then, Leibman has been charged with second-degree theft, first-degree burglary, first-degree escape, two counts of first-degree assault against and officer, and resisting arrest. Now he is wanted on a $10,000 bench warrant. If I had the skills, I’d be out looking for him. But at least Hawaii doesn’t have any leppers running around, right?

For the full story, I have provided a link here.