Sierra Nevada Red Fox spotted after nearly 100 year hiatus

Sierra Nevada Red Fox
Sierra Nevada Red Fox

So this is pretty cool. From the National Park Service, the first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox after nearly 100 years has been made official. It sounds to me like the finding was by accident, and not as an intended discovery.

The finding happened while some of the Park’s wildlife biologist had gone on a five-day backcountry trip to the northern area of the park to check on previously installed motion-sensitive cameras and documented the sighting on two separate instances. This fox is considered one of the rarest mammals in North America, possibly of fewer than 50 members in its family.

The Park’s biology team expects to be able to locate more Sierra Nevada red foxes in hopes of obtaining hair samples for genetic analysis. Through this, biologist will be able to learn of any genetic connection to the fox of the Sonora Pass area.

That is the story, pretty much. If you want to re-read it from the perspective of the National Park Service, I have provided the link here.


The “Jesus Bandit” seems to be walking on water with the Hawaii Police

The Huffington Post reports In Kilauea, Hawaii, “Jesus Bandid” Richard Leibman was spotted near Secret Beach on Kauai’s north shore, but scurried up a cliff and escaped when the police arrived.

This 140-pound “miracle man” was arrested back in March of 2014, when residents of Princeville told the authorities he had broken into their homes and took personal property and food.

To honestly no surprise, Leibman’s trail was suspended when doctors deemed him unfit for trial on reasons of probably not being mentally all there. He was sent to Hawaii State Hospital, but later escaped undetected. Maximum security much?

This isn’t the first time “Jesus” has been able to pull the wool over police. In 2011 it is said he burgled a house in Kekaha, but fled when police tried to arrest him the next day. He was apprehended, but was released in July of 2013, agreeing to continue mental health treatment in Texas near his family. When he was taken to the Lihue airport, he fled and hid around Kauai’s north shore. Again.

Since then, Leibman has been charged with second-degree theft, first-degree burglary, first-degree escape, two counts of first-degree assault against and officer, and resisting arrest. Now he is wanted on a $10,000 bench warrant. If I had the skills, I’d be out looking for him. But at least Hawaii doesn’t have any leppers running around, right?

For the full story, I have provided a link here.

MI5: Tattoos are a problem

MI5, The Counter-intelligence and security agency for the United Kingdom, says they will not be hiring anyone with visible tattoos.

With mass casualty attacks coming from terrorists groups in the middle east, job opportunities are being offered  by MI5.

“Being able to blend into the background and remain covert is paramount importance in our investigations. Any distinguishing features such as tattoos on your face, neck, or forearms would make you more recognisable to someone who is under surveillance and would therefore make you unsuitable for this role. Likewise, if you are male you will need to be 6’1″ (1.86m) or under. Females must be 5’8″ (1.72m) or under.” That is one of the job descriptions. The job also stresses the importance of good hearing and vision, patience, communication skills and driving skills.

So what do you guys think? I understand the reasoning behind it. If you watch any action movies that involve looking for someone, they are always identified by either a trait or some sort of physical oddity like a tattoo, a birthmark, a hook for a hand or something like that. So I guess the UK is on top of their entertainment weekly, because they certainly do know what “the bad guys” are looking for. If I was the director general of MI5, I don’t think I would do anything differently except maybe say “ninja skills are a plus.”

As usual, I have provided a link the original story here.

Back in reporting mode! Man has circular saw blade removed from face

So, It has been quite a while since I last posted a news article. Between working and getting ready for school, I’m just exhausted by the end of the day. Now that school has started, and things are winding down at work, I can finally get back into writing my news reports. I hope you guys have missed me, because I have certainly missed writing!

This story comes all the way from FUZHOU, China. A tradesman using a circular saw managed to end up with a piece of the blade lodged nearly an inch in his skull.

Tradesman Zheng Lang says he was working on a house that was under construction when his saw blade broke on some metal bars and a piece of the blade struck him in the face. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and the object was removed via surgery.

Other than visual impairment in the left eye, doctors say Zheng should not expect to face any other long-term consequences from the injury.

Safety is key. Common sense would tell me to have at least a hardhat for protection to possibly something like this happening. Safety and Health are clearly not concerns of other places like in the United States (supposedly) and I guess at least the guy will be alright. It’s just crazy to imagine something like this happening. As advanced as China should be, I would recommend robots. Unless that is maybe a bit too progressive.

As always, If you want the full story, I have provided a link here.

Scarecrow Grove, Japan

Nagoro, Japan is a deeply hidden village located in the country’s mountains of the southern region. Once home to hundreds of families, the village now hosts a whopping 35 people. That number isn’t including the scarecrows.

Nagoro native Tsukimi Ayano is age 65 and one of the younger residents of the village. She is the crafter of the scattered scarecrows in the village of various places one might see a person on a daily basis. Scarecrows outnumber the village’s population 3 to 1.

Ayano says, “They bring back memories.”

Nagoro isn’t the only village with a low population. Japan in general is steadily declining with over 10,000 towns and villages depopulated, no thanks to rapid aging and a falling birthrate. The earthquake and tsunami of 2011 killed over 18,000 people. This only pushed the decline even further.

Like most of declining populations within villages of Japan, Nagoro is a museum frozen in time, with only one street, and its shops and homes permanently shuttered.

I’ll admit, this story is bit awkward to read, and even worse to visualize if you’ve seen any horror movies involving dolls. In the same sense, it certainly is interesting. I’ve got a link for the rest of the story (and more details) along with some pictures of the Village. If I had nothing to lose, I would pack up and head over to Japan. But then again, I might one day anyway.

I have provided a link to the article here.

The correct answer is: Bone Broth.

There’s a [rather interesting] new health craze out there. Perhaps you have heard of it? Bone broth has been added to the list of health foods, with claims of fighting off serious conditions such as joint pain and even cancer. But, is this really the panacea everyone could be looking for?

Let’s start off with what exactly makes bone broth. When you take the bones of animals such as beef, poultry, or fish and cook them for at least four hours, you get bone broth? Simple, right? The objective is to boil the bones long enough for them to break down and release things like collagen, phosphate, and calcium. Now, there is a difference between regular broth, such as chicken broth, and bone broth. Typical broths are meat, some bones, spices, vegetables, and salt. These can be combined and boiled for at least an hour to get what you’re looking for. But time is of the essence, and Personal Chef and Nutritionist Ariane Resnick says that and not enough bone will give the same amount of nutrients you find in bone broth.

As always, history repeats itself. Bone broth dates back to prehistoric times. Cate Shanahan, MD, author of Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating and Nutrition Director for the Los Angeles Lakers says, “There is evidence of bones being broken into bits by fire pits throughout the world in prehistoric times.”

Experts agree, good bone broth is literally drinking liquid bone. It delivers benefits from shinier hair to a stronger immune system. If it sounds like a treat for you, I say give it a try and let us know what you think. I’ll try it maybe once. But I am firm Green Tea goer.

Of course, if you want the full story, the link is here.

NASA: Is Climate change to blame?

Call me crazy, but I am not exactly one to believe in the theory of global warming. I feel these reactions would have happened with or without us. I do however believe in nature taking it’s course. For everything we as man feel we are in control of will correct itself, and restore what once was before us.

University of Florida geologists believe climate change, wave energy and sea level rise included, could quite possibly affect operations at the space center within the next decade. Since 2009, they have studied dunes and the beach at Cape Canaveral, but it was not until Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard in 2012 that the effects became more apparent.

Geologists say the effects are currently affecting NASA infrastructure. Tropical Storm Fay destroyed the dunes protecting Kennedy Space Center. Hurricane Irene followed in 2011, and Hurricane sandy in 2012. Doesn’t sound like Mother Nature is doing anything out of the ordinary to me.

NASA has built a new dune to replace one that had disappeared during recent hurricanes and tropical storms, but will it really solve anything? Not only that, but a two-lane road that runs parallel to a railroad track is now an area of concern. Beneath them are electrical power lines and pipelines that transport liquefied gasses. The best bet in my opinion is to pack up, hit the bricks, and find a new location. This place is clearly not suitable for such a huge project if all defenses are failing to protect it. But I’m not a rocket scientist, so I’ll stick to my desk job.

To read the entire story, I have provided a link here.