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I know I have been AWOL for over a month. I am trying to find a balance between School, Work, and what type of writing I actually want to do. I feel like journalism is what I want to do, because I love reporting. At the same time, I really want to become an author. I like creating my own stories as well. I think I will try to balance both, on top of all of the research papers, discussions, and essays required in in my Journalism major. This is something I started writing today that I really feel could become a great story. I will be posting this rough draft so far on here, but I will be maintaining a second page coming in Late October that will be exclusively for excerpts from books I want to write. I would like to start selling them on Amazon shortly. I tend to keep things short when I write stories, but I wouldn’t mind feedback on if you feel that this story could have more package to it.

Alright, here is the beginning of the story. Do not hesitate to express your opinions in a comment below. I would be more than happy to respond.

“I could go on to create some elaborate delusion about how my Father is the president of a finance company and my mother is an accomplished lawyer, but my family is too well known in this city. Instead, I’ll just tell you the truth before someone else does.

My father is an abusive drunk who we rarely see. If he isn’t out with one of the crack whores up and down the avenue, he’s out swindling some poor passerby for booze money. I don’t know why my mother stays with the bastard, but she won’t leave no matter how many ideas I come up with. I plan to change that very soon.

My mother was adopted by some old German family back when she was like 9 years old. She didn’t know her biological parents, and some days I envy that. Her dad died when she was 16, and her mom died when she turned 17. That’s when she met my dad.

From what I’ve heard, my dad was a great man in the beginning. He was in college for Business, had his own house and his own car. He met my mother when she was 19 and working at a Burger King and offered to treat her for dinner. Of course, like any 19 year old girl who has become an outcast, she falls in love with him out of what I assume is pure desperation. They get married and here I come out a year later.

A part of me believes I am the reason dad turned to drinking and prostitutes. My mom felt that she had to “give me the love her mother didn’t give her” or something like that. I completely engulfed my mom’s life, and the two rarely spent time together. It’s sad, honestly. By the time I was 4 years old I knew I hated him. That was time when I realized he treated mom badly.

13 years have passed, and the feelings remain the same. I can’t wait to get out of this house. I’m taking mom and my little sister with me.”


From a Fellow author. His message to his daughter, and why he chooses to not fight.

I read a piece by a recent follower that was really something special. It is a piece about his daughter, Ever, and the relationship between them, and how it affects the entire family. Take a look.

If By Chance You Ever Wonder If I Think About You.

“My Dearest Daughter,

I haven’t seen you since August of last year, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I talk about you constantly, to everyone.

It’s kind crazy.

You know, when I first met your mommy she had adoption books on the shelf in her room. She didn’t think she could have a child. And she left the man before me because he wouldn’t adopt with her. Because he didn’t want children. At least that’s as much information as she ever told me.

So I understand why she keeps you from me. You are everything she has ever coveted. You are Ever.

She wanted you more than anything she has ever wanted in the world. That’s why we named you Ever. Because you were her dream come true.

So I understand possibly why she keeps you from me, and why she says and does the things she does. Your Mommy doesn’t like to share what is most valuable to her.

I can understand that. And I can forgive her for it because I know what you mean to me, and if you mean as much to her, as you do to me, and I was a different person, who didn’t know this pain, the pain of losing a child, I wouldn’t share you either.

I would also like to point out,

You were mine too, and so, when I knew how much your mommy loved babies, I gave her one. For I wanted a family more than anything. I never really had a family, and thus my dream was to wake up next to my soulmate, and my baby everyday, and have that sense of beauty in my life.

So you are also everything to me.

So here’s why I didn’t fight harder earlier.

I don’t believe children are property to fight over.

My father committed suicide over the loss of his soulmate and children. My mother was taking him to court. And when he died I saw how it affected my brother, my mother, and I. I saw what hate and spite can do to a family.

And I swore I would never do that. I still don’t want to. I dont believe that you are property. I believe that you are a person. A little sweet angel in my life.

You have missed out on many many things as have I because of spite.

Your Uncle ask about you alot. My brother, his name is John. He calls you the chosen one.

Your grandma, my mom, well…she hurts so bad from losing you, I guess she doesn’t really talk.

And your great grandma, who you will probably never meet because of your mother’s hate, ask about you daily. She is getting older now. It was just her birthday. You would have loved her so.

And for all of these things, I forgive your mother. I’m sorry that they even have to be said. If I didn’t though, you would never know how much we loved.

So when you read all of these letters one day.

Know that I loved both of you. That I thought about you everyday, and that I would be there if I could.

And that many, many, many more people can’t wait to see you as well.

It’s very late my beautiful child. I hope you are sleeping with the angels, and had a good day today, and we’re good to your Mommy and didn’t drive her to crazy.

I love you forever,

Always, Daddy.

Aldous Thoreau.”

If you enjoyed this piece, you can find more of his work on his Facebook page www.facebook.com/aldousthoreau

Perception Isn’t Always Reality.

I saw a ghost by the well.

Where she’d come from only time could tell.

There on the ledge grasps the hand of man who had fallen to save the life of a friend.

No one had heard the widow cry.

Every town’s folk told the simple lie.

And with a deep breath she leaps down the long narrow steep

To become known as the ghost by the well.

Celebrity: A Dedication.

As I am here at work at my desk, I do the inevitable and open Facebook. The first post I see is a post from my cousin Dorothy, and I immediately knew what to expect An elaborate and eloquently typed status in dedication to her Father (my Cousin) on his home going. This isn’t much, as I am currently teary-eyed while typing. But it’s just a short poem about a man whom I never had the opportunity to meet, but was still one of the closest family members I will ever have.

I did not meet you,

I did not single you out,

Like the sun, you appear in my life because you have a job to do.

You are a friend to some, a parent to some, and family to some.

I call you “Mr. Celebrity.”

Your wit, your humor, your positivity,

Only to be matched by your compassion for others and wisdom for all.

You do not seek attention,

Attention finds you.

Continue to shine bright

As you always have.

In Memory of J Boyd Camak Jr.

*A great mentor, Cousin, and Friend.

September 27, 1952 – September 18,2014

What happens when…

When it stops being about one person and it starts being about everyone?

When it no longer matters what color you are, and your actions speak loud enough to judge your person?

When looking over your shoulder is no longer necessary?

When it’s no longer a gamble to trust?

When risk is only reward?

When nightmares no longer tell stories of stress and worry, but are only dreams of what once was but will never be again?

You are no longer a number?

Life becomes fair.

Coming in January

What happens when your high school sweetheart is not who she appears to be? After 3 years of marriage, Matthew receives a letter in mail with a chilling message that reads:

“Sarah’s parents were unable to pay the fee they promised, so they paid with their lives. How much are you willing to pay to have your wife back and to know her family secret? You have 72 hours to respond.”

What will Matthew do? Will he make the call to save his wife? Or has her secret life fulfilled the prophecy of her family’s demise?

This is the first adult Thriller/Suspense piece I have successfully began to work on. I’m excited just talking about it! I hope you guys will look forward to reading this one!