My Stance on People and Politics

So I have decided to take Go For Jo in a new direction, instead of the direction that I was originally going with, which was just talking about any type of news. At the same time, I do not want to lose what I enjoy talking about and what I hope you enjoy reading about. But in the midst of this transition I still want to be able to deliver content so that people don’t completely forget about me.  This piece that I’m writing is a personal column slash motivational speaking or advise type of thing, and it can be taken in any context that you might see fit. But do understand that it is a personal opinion and it is not an attack on anyone as an individual. Continue reading “My Stance on People and Politics”


School and New Possibilities.

So guys, it has been a while, and I am always writing for school. It is exhausting. But GoForJo is my ultimate prize and project. I have so many big plans for the future of GoForJo, and I am sincerely looking for other writers who might want to explore this opportunity. Now, you can keep your personal blog by all means. I would be more than happy to promote the personal blogs of others. And if you don’t have a blog, well, I have plenty of topics to write on if you simply aren’t sure what to write about. If you might be interested, please like the GoForJo Facebook page and send me a message! If that does not sound like an ok idea for you, then I hope you continue to stick with the news I attempt to provide. I know I haven’t been able to write articles the way I did before school started, but things will pick up again. Continue reading “School and New Possibilities.”


This isn’t about the verdict. What’s done is done. Dwelling on something will only cause discontent, and then the issue at hand is no longer the problem. No justice system is perfect. Each has it’s own flaws. We as citizens have to understand the power we actually have. Just think, television networks only broadcast what is popular, especially News networks. Why not focus our attention on other things? In my humble opinion, race is not the issue. The only reason race is still the trump card is because we’ve already been adjusted to realize racism once existed in this country. Why can things not just happen? No one is born racist. Racism is taught nowadays through an elder generation. Or better yet, think about this one;

History class in school tells us about slavery. Correct. History class then goes on to discuss how many white men killed black men. Wait, slavery was never about killing. Did slaves die during slavery? Yes. However, slavery was about manual labor at a cheap price for profit. I’m not overlooking the killings, I’m putting up a barrier to show two sides.

The never dying “right” for black people to be angry at white people has to go away. Slavery was not only one-sided. Did Americans at the time by slaves? Yes. Were they from Africa? Not all of them, but yes. Were the slaves tricked by whites (as some proclaim) and brought here? Myth. Leaders of African villages would stage “kidnappings” of the poorer Africans and sell them to the Whites in exchange for, guess what? Cotton. And other goods, of course.

Ignorance and disdain are the only two things to have come from both sides of this debate. No one alive today is responsible for slavery, and no one alive today was born into slavery. It’s time to end the blame game. It’s ingrained in every one to feel a certain position and obligation to uphold feelings from generations before our time. That doesn’t make it right. White people have no entitlement to regards towards slavery, and neither do blacks. If everyone is truly concerned about moving forward towards a world of acceptance, here are a few personal guidelines I feel will at least help.

1) Don’t join a gang. This goes for everyone living. If you want to be treated like a citizen, then act the part of a citizen. Causing mayhem and stirring up violence is the one label that will easily target a specific group (minorities to be exact)

2) If the shoe fits, well guess what? Females first. If you are wanting to be respected, then you have to look the part. Wearing revealing clothes and wondering why no one will take you seriously is like performing poorly at work and wondering why you won’t get promoted. Same applies for guys. No one respectable wears sagging clothes. Put on a belt, fix your hair, and go work on your resume. Do not get upset when you play the “freedom of individuality” card and it gets declined. There are plenty of ways to express your self. Your clothes do not have to speak for you. Write a book. Work on a hobby. Draw something. But do not get upset for being looked at as a stereotype when you clearly fit the bill.

3)  Follow the rules. If the speed limit is 35, and you’re going 50, then you’re already asking for trouble. As ridiculous as a law may sound, it’s there for a reason. We are no longer children. There are rules to follow to keep us in good standing with the law.

4) Assume. Open your mind to look beyond what is in front of you. The truth is, we assume the worst, yet we don’t want the worst to be assumed of us. When two children of different backgrounds are picking on each other, racism is not the reason. Let’s not put ideas in their heads. Children are easily influenced.

I am aware there are plenty of individuals who do not agree with me. It can’t be helped. These are simply a few rules I follow myself, and I have yet to steer myself wrong. (Ok, I’ve been called a terrorist once. But in all defense, it was Texas.)

5 Tips for a better day.

1. Be yourself. Everyone likes to be an inspiration to someone, but no one wants to be mimicked.

2. Don’t settle for less. If you feel you have earned something, don’t let someone convince you to aim lower.

3. Be polite. The best feeling is to be appreciated, so why not return the favor? Give a friendly, “hello!” To anyone you meet throughout the day. For all you know, that could have made their day much better.

4. Be positive. Don’t look at the glass as half empty. Look at it as half full! We all have those rough patches. Just take them for what they are, and make the most out of them.

5. Laugh. Not at others, but at yourself. It’s ok to laugh with others, though. (Unless you’re laughing with others at someone, then that’s not very nice either.)