My Stance on People and Politics

So I have decided to take Go For Jo in a new direction, instead of the direction that I was originally going with, which was just talking about any type of news. At the same time, I do not want to lose what I enjoy talking about and what I hope you enjoy reading about. But in the midst of this transition I still want to be able to deliver content so that people don’t completely forget about me.  This piece that I’m writing is a personal column slash motivational speaking or advise type of thing, and it can be taken in any context that you might see fit. But do understand that it is a personal opinion and it is not an attack on anyone as an individual. Continue reading “My Stance on People and Politics”


Since I’ve been out

It’s been almost two months since I’ve provided an update, so will be getting back into doing so regularly. Now that I have become a bit more acclimated with University, I am finding more time to finish homework and have some leisure time. I recently stumbled upon a new blogging opportunity for myself, and I feel it will certainly help me with becoming a better writer, promoter, advertiser, and editor. Continue reading “Since I’ve been out”

School and New Possibilities.

So guys, it has been a while, and I am always writing for school. It is exhausting. But GoForJo is my ultimate prize and project. I have so many big plans for the future of GoForJo, and I am sincerely looking for other writers who might want to explore this opportunity. Now, you can keep your personal blog by all means. I would be more than happy to promote the personal blogs of others. And if you don’t have a blog, well, I have plenty of topics to write on if you simply aren’t sure what to write about. If you might be interested, please like the GoForJo Facebook page and send me a message! If that does not sound like an ok idea for you, then I hope you continue to stick with the news I attempt to provide. I know I haven’t been able to write articles the way I did before school started, but things will pick up again. Continue reading “School and New Possibilities.”

Trying to get back into the groove of journaling again.

Hello all. It’s been a while since I have written anything, but I promise there is good reason for this. I’m in school right now for journalism and I’m working full time, so the drive to do additional writing is lacking a bit right now. HOWEVER, in my last message I did say I was going to vlog as well and I promise that will be happening very soon. I’m going to  have my hands very full with getting back into writing and also video reports. For you all who enjoy my reports, thank you very much for the support. I promise I will have more coming up in the very near future

What’s new with Go For Jo?

So guys, as you may know I have made some drastic changes to the website’s design. I know have Five specific topics for news information (not including the homepage). These topics consist of Health and Wellness, Oddities, Politics, Soccer, and Technology. With that being said, I cannot possibly report on them all every day while working and going to school, so I am accepting articles from you guys. I’m also looking for writers to head each topic.

Granted this is no small task and there is no income involved at the moment, the opportunity does exist. And even when there are no posts from me daily, I do have daily feeds for each topic, so the content is always current. Later on I do plan to add video blogging as a feature.

Untitled. So far.

I know I have been AWOL for over a month. I am trying to find a balance between School, Work, and what type of writing I actually want to do. I feel like journalism is what I want to do, because I love reporting. At the same time, I really want to become an author. I like creating my own stories as well. I think I will try to balance both, on top of all of the research papers, discussions, and essays required in in my Journalism major. This is something I started writing today that I really feel could become a great story. I will be posting this rough draft so far on here, but I will be maintaining a second page coming in Late October that will be exclusively for excerpts from books I want to write. I would like to start selling them on Amazon shortly. I tend to keep things short when I write stories, but I wouldn’t mind feedback on if you feel that this story could have more package to it.

Alright, here is the beginning of the story. Do not hesitate to express your opinions in a comment below. I would be more than happy to respond.

“I could go on to create some elaborate delusion about how my Father is the president of a finance company and my mother is an accomplished lawyer, but my family is too well known in this city. Instead, I’ll just tell you the truth before someone else does.

My father is an abusive drunk who we rarely see. If he isn’t out with one of the crack whores up and down the avenue, he’s out swindling some poor passerby for booze money. I don’t know why my mother stays with the bastard, but she won’t leave no matter how many ideas I come up with. I plan to change that very soon.

My mother was adopted by some old German family back when she was like 9 years old. She didn’t know her biological parents, and some days I envy that. Her dad died when she was 16, and her mom died when she turned 17. That’s when she met my dad.

From what I’ve heard, my dad was a great man in the beginning. He was in college for Business, had his own house and his own car. He met my mother when she was 19 and working at a Burger King and offered to treat her for dinner. Of course, like any 19 year old girl who has become an outcast, she falls in love with him out of what I assume is pure desperation. They get married and here I come out a year later.

A part of me believes I am the reason dad turned to drinking and prostitutes. My mom felt that she had to “give me the love her mother didn’t give her” or something like that. I completely engulfed my mom’s life, and the two rarely spent time together. It’s sad, honestly. By the time I was 4 years old I knew I hated him. That was time when I realized he treated mom badly.

13 years have passed, and the feelings remain the same. I can’t wait to get out of this house. I’m taking mom and my little sister with me.”

Anthem Health insurer hacked, millions of records possibly stolen


The second largest health insurer in the United States, Anthem Inc, said late Wednesday that hackers had breached one of its IT systems and stolen personal information relating to current and former employees and consumers.

How does this manage to happen? Anthem said the breach did not appear to involve information such as medical of financial details, but how often does it not? For health insurance to be something we are required by law to have, you would think IT security would be much more beefed up to not allow information like this to not even reach the public without a resolution in place.

The information said to have been compromised included birthdays, social security numbers, street addresses, email addresses, and compilations of employment data. Even though Anthem says the company immediately attempted to close the security breach, the attack was reported to the FBI. Good on their part for that one. The cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc was even hired to help Anthem investigate. So, with all of these efforts in place, why is it that we aren’t able to figure out who is behind the attack? On top of that, Anthem has not released information on how many staff members and customers were affected. It’s a great thing we’ve got the Wall Street Journal to keep us informed with a “tens of millions” estimation.

As of the end of 2015, Anthem had 37.5 million members,

Anthem said it would send an email and a letter to everyone who had information that was compromised, along with setting up an informational website that will offer credit-monitoring services.