Since I’ve been out

It’s been almost two months since I’ve provided an update, so will be getting back into doing so regularly. Now that I have become a bit more acclimated with University, I am finding more time to finish homework and have some leisure time. I recently stumbled upon a new blogging opportunity for myself, and I feel it will certainly help me with becoming a better writer, promoter, advertiser, and editor.

Since school has been much better for me, I’ve been able to really come up with more ideas for the GoForJo. For instance, I also want to begin to advertise websites and products that I feel people would be interested in that are interested in the GoForJo community. I want to be able to promote an environment of not only news, but healthy living and a positive mind.

I am going to post an advertisement here shortly in a separate post for a company similar to whole foods. You don’t have to buy anything. I only ask that you just look around the website and maybe find something you or your family will like.


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