Sierra Nevada Red Fox spotted after nearly 100 year hiatus

Sierra Nevada Red Fox
Sierra Nevada Red Fox

So this is pretty cool. From the National Park Service, the first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox after nearly 100 years has been made official. It sounds to me like the finding was by accident, and not as an intended discovery.

The finding happened while some of the Park’s wildlife biologist had gone on a five-day backcountry trip to the northern area of the park to check on previously installed motion-sensitive cameras and documented the sighting on two separate instances. This fox is considered one of the rarest mammals in North America, possibly of fewer than 50 members in its family.

The Park’s biology team expects to be able to locate more Sierra Nevada red foxes in hopes of obtaining hair samples for genetic analysis. Through this, biologist will be able to learn of any genetic connection to the fox of the Sonora Pass area.

That is the story, pretty much. If you want to re-read it from the perspective of the National Park Service, I have provided the link here.


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