The “Jesus Bandit” seems to be walking on water with the Hawaii Police

The Huffington Post reports In Kilauea, Hawaii, “Jesus Bandid” Richard Leibman was spotted near Secret Beach on Kauai’s north shore, but scurried up a cliff and escaped when the police arrived.

This 140-pound “miracle man” was arrested back in March of 2014, when residents of Princeville told the authorities he had broken into their homes and took personal property and food.

To honestly no surprise, Leibman’s trail was suspended when doctors deemed him unfit for trial on reasons of probably not being mentally all there. He was sent to Hawaii State Hospital, but later escaped undetected. Maximum security much?

This isn’t the first time “Jesus” has been able to pull the wool over police. In 2011 it is said he burgled a house in Kekaha, but fled when police tried to arrest him the next day. He was apprehended, but was released in July of 2013, agreeing to continue mental health treatment in Texas near his family. When he was taken to the Lihue airport, he fled and hid around Kauai’s north shore. Again.

Since then, Leibman has been charged with second-degree theft, first-degree burglary, first-degree escape, two counts of first-degree assault against and officer, and resisting arrest. Now he is wanted on a $10,000 bench warrant. If I had the skills, I’d be out looking for him. But at least Hawaii doesn’t have any leppers running around, right?

For the full story, I have provided a link here.


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