MI5: Tattoos are a problem

MI5, The Counter-intelligence and security agency for the United Kingdom, says they will not be hiring anyone with visible tattoos.

With mass casualty attacks coming from terrorists groups in the middle east, job opportunities are being offered  by MI5.

“Being able to blend into the background and remain covert is paramount importance in our investigations. Any distinguishing features such as tattoos on your face, neck, or forearms would make you more recognisable to someone who is under surveillance and would therefore make you unsuitable for this role. Likewise, if you are male you will need to be 6’1″ (1.86m) or under. Females must be 5’8″ (1.72m) or under.” That is one of the job descriptions. The job also stresses the importance of good hearing and vision, patience, communication skills and driving skills.

So what do you guys think? I understand the reasoning behind it. If you watch any action movies that involve looking for someone, they are always identified by either a trait or some sort of physical oddity like a tattoo, a birthmark, a hook for a hand or something like that. So I guess the UK is on top of their entertainment weekly, because they certainly do know what “the bad guys” are looking for. If I was the director general of MI5, I don’t think I would do anything differently except maybe say “ninja skills are a plus.”

As usual, I have provided a link the original story here.


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