Scarecrow Grove, Japan

Nagoro, Japan is a deeply hidden village located in the country’s mountains of the southern region. Once home to hundreds of families, the village now hosts a whopping 35 people. That number isn’t including the scarecrows.

Nagoro native Tsukimi Ayano is age 65 and one of the younger residents of the village. She is the crafter of the scattered scarecrows in the village of various places one might see a person on a daily basis. Scarecrows outnumber the village’s population 3 to 1.

Ayano says, “They bring back memories.”

Nagoro isn’t the only village with a low population. Japan in general is steadily declining with over 10,000 towns and villages depopulated, no thanks to rapid aging and a falling birthrate. The earthquake and tsunami of 2011 killed over 18,000 people. This only pushed the decline even further.

Like most of declining populations within villages of Japan, Nagoro is a museum frozen in time, with only one street, and its shops and homes permanently shuttered.

I’ll admit, this story is bit awkward to read, and even worse to visualize if you’ve seen any horror movies involving dolls. In the same sense, it certainly is interesting. I’ve got a link for the rest of the story (and more details) along with some pictures of the Village. If I had nothing to lose, I would pack up and head over to Japan. But then again, I might one day anyway.

I have provided a link to the article here.


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