The correct answer is: Bone Broth.

There’s a [rather interesting] new health craze out there. Perhaps you have heard of it? Bone broth has been added to the list of health foods, with claims of fighting off serious conditions such as joint pain and even cancer. But, is this really the panacea everyone could be looking for?

Let’s start off with what exactly makes bone broth. When you take the bones of animals such as beef, poultry, or fish and cook them for at least four hours, you get bone broth? Simple, right? The objective is to boil the bones long enough for them to break down and release things like collagen, phosphate, and calcium. Now, there is a difference between regular broth, such as chicken broth, and bone broth. Typical broths are meat, some bones, spices, vegetables, and salt. These can be combined and boiled for at least an hour to get what you’re looking for. But time is of the essence, and Personal Chef and Nutritionist Ariane Resnick┬ásays that and not enough bone will give the same amount of nutrients you find in bone broth.

As always, history repeats itself. Bone broth dates back to prehistoric times. Cate Shanahan, MD, author of Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating and Nutrition Director for the Los Angeles Lakers says, “There is evidence of bones being broken into bits by fire pits throughout the world in prehistoric times.”

Experts agree, good bone broth is literally drinking liquid bone. It delivers benefits from shinier hair to a stronger immune system. If it sounds like a treat for you, I say give it a try and let us know what you think. I’ll try it maybe once. But I am firm Green Tea goer.

Of course, if you want the full story, the link is here.


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