NASA: Is Climate change to blame?

Call me crazy, but I am not exactly one to believe in the theory of global warming. I feel these reactions would have happened with or without us. I do however believe in nature taking it’s course. For everything we as man feel we are in control of will correct itself, and restore what once was before us.

University of Florida geologists believe climate change, wave energy and sea level rise included, could quite possibly affect operations at the space center within the next decade. Since 2009, they have studied dunes and the beach at Cape Canaveral, but it was not until Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard in 2012 that the effects became more apparent.

Geologists say the effects are currently affecting NASA infrastructure. Tropical Storm Fay destroyed the dunes protecting Kennedy Space Center. Hurricane Irene followed in 2011, and Hurricane sandy in 2012. Doesn’t sound like Mother Nature is doing anything out of the ordinary to me.

NASA has built a new dune to replace one that had disappeared during recent hurricanes and tropical storms, but will it really solve anything? Not only that, but a two-lane road that runs parallel to a railroad track is now an area of concern. Beneath them are electrical power lines and pipelines that transport liquefied gasses. The best bet in my opinion is to pack up, hit the bricks, and find a new location. This place is clearly not suitable for such a huge project if all defenses are failing to protect it. But I’m not a rocket scientist, so I’ll stick to my desk job.

To read the entire story, I have provided a link here.


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