Russia: The Peak of The Pyramid

In Russian President Vladimir Putin’s yearly address to parliamentarians and dignitaries, he gives a great reminder of Russia’s strength as the country recognized as the one Adolf Hitler was unsuccessful in conquering, while at the same time comparing Crimea’s significance to that of the Temple Mount to Jews.

It is no secret. I pay a vast amount of Respect to Russian President Vladimir Putin, even as an American Citizen. He runs his country well, and the world could benefit from more leaders like him.

In his warning to western civilizations about entering Russia’s borders, Mr. Putin reminds us of how many previous military powers have tried and failed to capture the Mother of all Nations.

It is no lie or myth. Russia is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting one of the largest military forces in the world, the Russian bear will show it’s claws. However, this is not a conflict Russia is wanting to drawn into. That isn’t saying they are opposed to the opposition, either.

Both the EU and the US have drawn the imposing card against Russia, claiming sanctions imposed on Russia are having a detrimental effect on the country’s economy, when actually it is the low price of oil that claims the reason for the ruble’s slide. The President says Russia is looking for new partners in the east for trade, and believes the West’s current target on their economy could be detrimental in the long run.

Washington will not let anyone challenge it’s standing in the world, and will do anything to claim single world super power. A resurgent Russia is certainly a threat to the standing global force we call the United States. If there is anything the US wants more, it’s to diminish any influence Russia has on the world.

There is certainly more to this story, and it is obvious Russia is not to be taken lightly. Anyone would be wise to be fully prepared to face Russia, If they really can brave the bear.

For the full length of the official story, I have provided a link here.


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