Man shot in Phoenix. Will it ever end?

This news report was just submitted to me, and I already have an opinion on it. I’ll tell you guys how it happened and how I feel about it. Of course, I will provide a link below if you want to read the entire story.

On December 2nd, 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon was sitting inside of an SUV outside of a convenience store when two witnesses told the police officer the occupants inside the vehicle were selling drugs.

It has been said the officer gave him multiple commands to show his hands before Brisbon “placed one or both hands in his waistband area” and fled. The police officer chased Brisbon and caught up with him, and during a struggle the policeman thought he felt the handle of a gun while holding Brisbon’s hand in his pocket.

The police department issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “the officer gave the suspect several commands to get on the ground be he refused to comply, yelling profanities at the officer.”

During that time, both men winded up in an opened apartment unit, adding the police officer was unable to keep a grip on Brisbon’s hand.

The issued statement then says “fearing Brisbon had a gun in his pocket, the officer fired two rounds striking Brisbon in the torso.”

The police department explains that back-up officers arrived after the shooting, and members of the of the fire department, along with the officers themselves, attempted to treat Brisbon. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brisbon was said to have been carrying oxycodone pills, and a jar of what is believed to be marijuana and a semi-automatic handgun were found inside of the SUV. The police officer involved was not injured.

I feel there are a lot of wholes in this story. More investigation definitely needs to take place for this one. It’s a shame this happens during a time where civil rights appear to be infringed upon, and no one feels safe.

For the entire story, I have provided a link here.


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