Los Angeles Transgender Woman Fatally Shot while pounding on a Door for Help

Deshawnda Sanchez, a.k.a. “Tata,” was reported to have been fatally shot around 4 a.m. On Wednesday on the front porch of a home near South Wilton Place, according to LAPD.

Detective Christopher Barling states, ” She was definitely at the door, pounding on that door seeking help.”

The occupant came outside upon hearing multiple gunshots, but was too late to respond. Deshawnda was dead.

The surveillance camera of a neighbor captured part of the incident, which shows someone pulling up to the house in a vehicle, getting out and running up to the porch. The figure then could be seen running back to the vehicle and driving away, as stated by the police.

Detectives believe Sanchez was running away from a robber when she was shot, but say they are not ruling out other scenarios. Could it have even possibly been an act of hate and intolerance?

“The footage, it was heartbreaking,” said the victim’s sister.

This story is saddening not only because of the possibility of intolerance, but because no one is safe anywhere anymore. I personally do not advocate being outdoors after 9PM, but not everyone is an early sleeper like myself. Still, regardless of how late or early, no one should have to expect their lives will be in danger.

To read more about this story, I have provided a link here.


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