Day 2: Protesters Wage on in NYC for Justice.

It’s the second night where thousands of upset protesters swarmed the streets of New York over the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict an officer for the death of Unarmed Eric Garner.

For the most part the protesters were nonviolent and peaceful. Some were cited for disorderly conduct or refusal to clear the streets, told by a police officer speaking to an ABC reporter.

The good thing I see is the protesters are of all walks of life. This was a general injustice against a man who didn’t have a clean record, but was committing no crime during the time of his altercation with the police. Even if he were, for a NYPD officer to blatantly break the rules and put a citizen in a chokehold is unjustifiable.

Although I am not one to partake in demonstrations, this could ultimately be the publicity the United States needs. We have a reputation of being viewed as prideful individuals on the ways we live our lives, and with this type of behavior being broadcasted internationally, it could be just what our government needs for a wakeup call. We may be a 1st World country, but our Justice system is stuck in a 4th World mentality.

For the full reporting of this story, I have provided a link here.


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