Google Kids? Google to target Age group 13 and younger

    I stumbled upon an article this morning regarding Google targeting Children 13 years and younger for a search engine chocked full of privacy protection, filters, and kid friendly sites cultivated with unlimited creativity. Although the idea seems promising in this technology era, is it wise? If you would like to read the article, it is available here.

    I do agree with the idea overall. In a perfect world, children in that age bracket should not be fed technology at such a young age. I feel it promotes an anti-social outlook on life and poor human interaction capabilities as they grow older. However, we live in a society where life is easier when it’s online. I consider Google’s idea as “taking the bad with the good” because even though it seems like a habit waiting to happen, it’s safer than a child going to learn things from a complete stranger. As I have said before, children are easily influenced. At least with this idea parents can see what their children are looking at.

    As there are thugs, bullies, and criminals within every society, so there will be in technology. The strongest security in the world cannot keep out a hacker, as we have seen and heard on numerous occasions. So is anyone to say there can’t be a security breach? Is there anyone to say there can be? There will be pros and cons to this idea. It’s all about the risk factor with the parent.


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