Death By Hammer-Wielding Pack of Teens.

Another Murder has taken place in Missouri. Is it possible the media is ignoring the idea of it being a national headline because the attackers were minorities?

From the account of the St Louis Police, on November 30, 32-year-old Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic was driving his car with two passengers, his fiancé included, when something hits his vehicle. Mr. Begic gets out of the car and is then confronted and assaulted by multiple attackers with hammers.

Begic was unconscious when the emergency team arrived on the scene. He later died in the hospital.

Three suspects have been arrested. All are teenagers. One suspect is still unidentified and has not been caught. The teens have all been labeled as “Black or Hispanic.” Why is this not making headlines?

To read the entire story, I have provided a link here.


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