Celebrity: A Dedication.

As I am here at work at my desk, I do the inevitable and open Facebook. The first post I see is a post from my cousin Dorothy, and I immediately knew what to expect An elaborate and eloquently typed status in dedication to her Father (my Cousin) on his home going. This isn’t much, as I am currently teary-eyed while typing. But it’s just a short poem about a man whom I never had the opportunity to meet, but was still one of the closest family members I will ever have.

I did not meet you,

I did not single you out,

Like the sun, you appear in my life because you have a job to do.

You are a friend to some, a parent to some, and family to some.

I call you “Mr. Celebrity.”

Your wit, your humor, your positivity,

Only to be matched by your compassion for others and wisdom for all.

You do not seek attention,

Attention finds you.

Continue to shine bright

As you always have.

In Memory of J Boyd Camak Jr.

*A great mentor, Cousin, and Friend.

September 27, 1952 – September 18,2014


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