Go for Jo!

I do not believe I have introduced myself entirely. My name is Tavis “Jo” Jones (Jo is self-bestowed) and I am in the process of becoming a professional writer. I live in California with my two dogs Bishop (Standard Poodle) and Otis (Chihuahua/Toy poodle mix). I grew up entirely raceless. People were just people, and that was it. It was probably for good reason, I am finding out. At 16, I started looking into my background. Asian, Irish, and Sudanese is what I found out. From then on, I tried learning to fit in to what I had recently discovered about myself. Today, I am more inclined to the Asian side, but I do not deny the others. It’s a challenge, especially when you don’t exactly look the way genetics say you should look.

Any who, I started writing in about the 7th grade. One day my Aunt bought me a Harry Potter Journal and away I went. I wrote songs and poetry at the time.  I wish I knew where that journal went. Now, I write short stories in a fictional perspective with a non-fictional approach.

I hope you guys enjoyed the preview of my short story titled “Adam” which was posted earlier this week. My Stories present actual situations with some happy outcomes, and some sad outcomes. I try to keep them realistic with a sense of optimism. The last thing I want to do is promote a negative point of view on life.  I will be posting another preview later on in this upcoming week for the second short story titled “Madeline.”

So here is the way my short stories will work; I don’t have a specific audience I am trying to reach, I am just reaching people who are interested. My short stories range from children’s conditions such as cancer and abandonment to teenagers fitting in and dealing with eating disorders, and even elderly citizens with Alzheimer’s and depression. Each story will have a preview on my blog here, and I will publish a full short story once a month.

To give you guys a back story on Adam, he is an adopted child who has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (To find out more about exactly what Ewing’s Sarcoma is, click here) and selective muteness and is starting school again. His adoptive parents are weary about putting him back into school, and since Adam is their only child there is no clear line to them as to how the experience will affect him. If this story sounds like something you may like to read about, I hope you stay tuned to find out more about Adam. I have more short stories he will be the center of, and remember I will be giving previews to those as well.

As for Madeline, she is a teenage girl who is being seen for Bulimia. While being seen, she talks to another patient who has been seen on numerous accounts for Anorexia nervosa. The two begin to tell their stories to each other and  start to realize how dangerous both conditions are. I’ll be previewing the entire short story at the end of the month. I’m really excited for this project I’ve started. I ultimately want to highlight things in a more optimistic point of view. Many times we see something wrong with a person, we blame them for the situation ( I will also have a short story on suicide, which is really touchy for a lot of people, so I will go about it delicately.) instead of looking at things from their point of view.

If my blog seems interesting so far, I hope you stick around and continue to read. I’m not a heavy writer on how-to blogs, and I am really just going for something people want to read simply because they enjoy reading.


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