Preview of: Adam

    Hello all. I have been going through some stressful times to think of what I want to do with this personal writing career I am starting. I’ve gone to great lengths to find inspiration, and I realized I was looking in all of the wrong places.

    I have learned to not look in myself, but to look into how I would like to see things, while maintaining a realistic approach. With that being said, I have started a completely new style of writing. Now, I won’t be giving everything away for free. I will soon be self publishing my first book, and I will be sending 10% of each sale to

Without further ado, I give to you a short preview of one of my short stories in “Silver Hearts: Optimistic Short Stories of Real Conditions.” I give to you an excerpt from “Adam“:

    “As the buses pick up the students, and the parents arrive to take home car-riders, Ms. Hanover asks Adam and his parents if they could stay back for a moment.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Benson, I wanted to talk to you about Adam,” Ms. Hanover starts. “Is everything alright?” Mrs. Benson asks.

    “Oh yes,” Ms. Hanover says. “Adam has been an amazing student since in the month he has been here. I was a bit concerned at first. I did not know how he would fit in with the rest of the students, or how the students would accept him. I was very pleased when the class told me they had known about his condition this long and had continued to treat him no different than they accept each other.”

    “We are very happy to hear that,” Mr. Benson says. “We were a bit skeptical about sending him back to school this early. Between the constant hospital visits and the general stress on Adam and us as a family, it was not an easy decision for us to make.”

    “Well, I assure you Adam is doing very well, “Ms. Hanover assures them. “His attitude is very polite, and his communication skills are above the average for a child with that has gone through so much.” As Ms. Hanover continues to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Adam is in the back of the classroom writing his alphabet. Mrs. Benson gets up to see how well he is able to write them.

    “Honey, why are you writing with your left hand?” Mrs. Benson asks. “Ms. Hanover, you are aware Adam is right-handed, yes?”

    “Yes I am, Mrs. Benson.” Ms. Hanover answers. Mr. Benson and Ms. Hanover walk over to join Mrs. Benson in awe as her son writes identically with his left hand as he does with his right hand.

    “I teached myself to write with my other hand so if I lose my right hand, I can still write,” Adam says without looking up. Ms. Hanover and Adam’s parent did not know how to respond to his reason.

    “Could we step outside of the classroom for a moment?” Mr. Hanover asks. Mrs. Benson and Ms. Hanover follow Mr. Benson outside of the classroom. Mrs. Benson looks back to make sure Adam is alright.

    “Ms. Hanover,” Adam’s Father starts.

    “I know what you are going to say, and I assure you I am accommodating Adam without making him feel singled out.” Ms. Hanover answers.

    “So you are aware of Adam’s occasional muteness?” Mrs. Benson asks.

    “I am. It was not apparent at first, but I went home and looked into it, and it is usually only apparent when the child is in a stressful environment. I do what I can to keep the classroom stress free.”

    “As a teacher, you sure do go out of your way to accommodate for children in your classroom,” Mr. Benson adds.

    “As a teacher, it is my job to care for each student as if they were my own. With Adam, it is personal. I volunteer at the Adoption agency Adam lived in. I was shocked to see he had been adopted and has ended up in my class. When I met you two, I knew Adam went to a loving family. Being a single mother, I lost my son to cancer three years ago. Adam reminded me of my son when he was his age. I understand the emotions you two are going through, and I do my best to do my part as his guardian in school.””


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